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Auto Enrolment is one of the biggest shake-ups ever to happen to the UK pensions system. Despite employers having a legal obligation to comply with Auto Enrolment regulations, there are still many businesses that are in the dark about it.

We can help you to manage the whole Auto Enrolment compliance process. We have a robust, web-based Auto Enrolment software solution that integrates with any payroll system allowing you to seamlessly integrate Auto Enrolment into your business in an easy and cost effective way.


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Your Auto Enrolment Questions Answered

What is Auto Enrolment?

Auto Enrolment is UK Government led legislation that requires employers to put employees into a pension savings scheme that meets a minimum criteria set out by the Pensions Regulator, based on age and salary.

Who is affected by Auto Enrolment?

Auto Enrolment affects any business that employs workers in the UK between the ages of 22 years and State Pension Age (currently 65 years), who earn over £10,000.

When does Auto Enrolment start?

Automatic Enrolment started back in October 2012 with the largest employers expected to comply first, followed by mid-sized employers and finally small businesses. Auto Enrolment is to be phased in over five and a half years, being completed by February 2018. Businesses are prioritised based on their PAYE – so the higher the PAYE bill, the earlier the compliance date. The Pensions Regulator will write to the Employer 12 months before their ‘Staging Date’ (the date they are expected to have enrolled qualifying workers onto an approved pension scheme).

What does Auto Enrolment mean to my business?

Firstly, businesses need to assess and classify their workforce. If they employ qualifying workers, then the employer needs to automatically enrol them into a pension scheme. This can either be an existing pension scheme or a new pension scheme; either way the scheme must comply with criteria set out by the Pensions Regulator. The employer must maintain the scheme and is obliged to keep certain records. Additionally, the employer will have to register their scheme with The Pensions Regulator. Employees do have the right to opt-out, however opt-outs must be registered every three years and the Pensions Regulator must be notified.

What happens if I do nothing about Auto Enrolment Legislation?

Auto Enrolment is not optional for employers. The Pensions Regulator is responsible for ensuring that you comply with your employer duties. Substantial fines are issued for non-compliance ,starting with a fixed penalty notice of £400, followed by escalating fines per day of non compliance. These fines can vary between £50 per day for firms employing 1-4 people, right up to £10,000 per day for firms employing 500 people or more.

Why has the UK Government introduced Auto Enrolment?

Auto Enrolment has been introduced to tackle the economic problem of declining retirement savings amongst UK workers. They want to create a positive culture towards saving for retirement.

When is your Staging Date?

Your staging date is the date the new duties come into force for your business. It’s the date from when automatic enrolment activities must become ‘business as usual’, just like real-time PAYE.

Find your staging date using this direct link to Pension Regulators site:


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